Easter week 3

for a few weeks we will take a short Break from Kingdom and empire AD as it moves to Pentecost and  and instead have a look at the Theologically reflective series Nooma.

The First in this series is called Rain and speaks of the relationship between God and us during difficult times.

here are some questions for your thinking:

1. “Do you ever have one of those moments…like…if you could just freeze it? It’s so beautiful.” If you could freeze a moment from your life, what moment would that be?

2. What are some of the storms in your life? Is it raining in your life right now?

3. The Psalms speak about crying out to God. Read the following Psalms—34:17, 55:17, 72:12, 84:2, 88:1. What do you learn from these words?

4. What do you think God is whispering to you right now? How does His presence comfort you?

Feel free to keep a journal of thoughts bout these questions and bring them along to our drop-in-hang out Zoom times in our opening hours listed at the bottom of our home page.

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