Pentecost Service 2021

Highlights of the service

Over the pasty few months we have been preparing to gather as Uniting Churches across the Geelong Region for a special service of worship on Pentecost Sunday.

The Choirs have been practicing their singing, tech crews have been exploring the logistics of sound, vision and streaming, readers, prayers, and preachers all reflecting on the right words to use.

Finally last Sunday at 3pm they were all gathered together in one place to share their gifts with one another.people came from Geelong, across the Bellerine peninsular and the Surfcoast to see this new thing that God has been doing.

It was an amazing experience to gather with out visions and dreams as well as our grief and fear to remember that God’s Holy Spirit dwells with us and we are not alone. To sing with many voices and hear honest and authentic good news. Young and old were there were there to use their gifts in harmony with each other.

Where you there? leave us a comment about your experience of the service.

Did you miss it? ask a question about what it was like.

Share with us your dreams and visions inspired by the Church gathering in this way.

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